Our Short History.. So Far


At the turn of the new century, we felt that the availability of authentic Indian restaurants was limited. It was either too expensive, the food didn't quite hit the spot or simply too far for our local community to get to.

So we wanted to make a change and Club 2000 was brought to existence. A family friendly restaurant that doesn't burn a hold in your pocket, with great people and most importantly, great food.

We are fully committed to providing our visitors the best dining experience that we can. For that we have recently renovated our interior dining space, created a larger, more varied menu and brought together a drinks list that caters for all. Not to mentioned our carefully curated desserts list.

Being part of a community we felt that we need to give back to the people that visit us and also to those that surround us. We've created a Golf Society to bring like minded people together, sponsored local sports teams and supported charities close to our hearts; and we'll always continue to do so.

So that's a little about us, we'd love to invite you to the restaurant to find out more and see why we've have visitors that still come back to us regularly since the day we opened in the year 2000.


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